Catz Bark & Brush

where every day is a spa day!

Welcome to our new facilities!

Entrance gate with welcome sign

We have dedicated customer parking, so you can drop off and collect your dog safely and conveniently.

Customer parking

Our secure, dog-friendly garden has a customer waiting area, in case you arrive before your dog is ready.

Customer waiting area

We now have a spacious grooming salon with first-class facilities. This now enables us to groom dogs of all shapes and sizes, including dogs over 40 kg in weight.

The new salon

Here at Catz Bark & Brush, we are equipped to handle a variety of dogs and their specific needs. We have both a hydraulic and an electric table which makes it easier for the older pup or a dog with mobility issues to be groomed. We also have CCTV installed for your pet's safety.

Our bathing facilities

The easy-access bath allows any dog to get in and out easily and safely, while the power shower can penetrate the thickest coats for thorough washing.

I also have a variety of dryers, so if a dog is nervous with dryers we can have it on the quietest setting.