Catz Bark & Brush

where every day is a spa day!

Here at Catz Bark & Brush we offer a wide range of grooming services, with shampoos specially selected to be perfect for your dog's coat type. We also have some extra treatments to properly pamper your dog. All of our grooms include:

Our grooms

Full groom with haircut
Full body styling to your requirements, eyes and ears cleaned and a nail-clip.
Full groom without haircut
Eyes and ears cleaned and nail-clip.
Bath, brush and blow-dry
Perfect for in-between grooms, or just to pamper your pup.
Puppy groom (3-6 months)
Introduces your puppy to the benefits of grooming and encourages them to relax in the grooming environment ready for future treatments. A tailored groom just for puppies, which includes a bath, brush, gentle blow-dry, eyes and ears cleaned, paw tidy (if needed) and nail-clip.

Our extra services

De-shedding (in addition to bath and brush)
Our de-shed package is specifically designed to help shedding breeds to remove dead undercoat. This involves bathing your dog using luxury de-shed shampoo and conditioner. We then use a high-powered drier and a range of de-shedding tools to dry and remove the dead undercoat. Afterwards, we do a final brush-out to make sure we've removed as much loose coat as possible. (Not suitable for all dog coats; please ask for more information.)
Mats can be painful if left, which is why we offer this de-matting service. One reason for regular grooming is to prevent the build-up of mats. Please contact us to arrange a free coat assessment prior to booking your groom.
Nail clipping
Ensures that your dog's claws stay healthy and trim, and helps to prevent foot and joint problems.
Teeth treatment
The application of tooth-gel which helps plaque to break down.
Coat conditioner
After the bath, a leave-in conditioner of guava and mangosteen hydrating butter helps improve skin and coat condition, leaving it soft and shiny.